Ep.5 Putting Your Voice Into the World, Lesbian Werewolves, Drugs and Erotica w/Allison Moon

Have you considered self-publishing? How about writing erotica? What is it like to write and work in a large house used to shoot porn? Allison Moon joins the show to share her experiences publishing 4 books and being a sex-educator. We also talk about why she is so good at teaching men (and women) about driving a woman’s vulva and how she took that metaphor and wrote Girl Sex 101, her latest project, coming out this spring. Lots of great tips, suggestions and laughs in this episode.

Allison’s Books: Lunatic Fringe (Tales of the Pack Book 1)
Hungry Ghost (Tales of the Pack Book 2)
Bad Dyke
Girl Sex 101
Get in touch with Allison: girlsex101.com
Her writing spotify playlists!
Girl Sex 101
Lunatic Fringe – Book Playlist

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