Ep.6 Finding a Rhythm, What It Means to Feel Something and Inspiration with Jason Hairston

What does it mean to find your rhythm as a writer? Why do people create mediocre art? Joining us today is Jason Hairston, writer and hip-hop artist, we talk about what it means to make someone feel something, how bad art is useless and what it means to be in the zone.

Jason’s website
Natural Psychology and Human Transformation by Na’im Akbar
The Sacred Sexual Journey of Antonio Commons (Journal 1) (Short Erotica Series) by Jason Hairston
Relationship Advice For Women And Men: A Deeper Love by Jason Hairston
The Desire To Inspire by Jason Hairston
Artists Mentioned:
Stanley Kubrick
Bob Marley (Documentary)
Kendrick Lamar
Anaïs Nin
Coen Brothers
Jimi Hendrix (Documentary)

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