Ep.36 Ghostwriting for the Mafia, Barcelona and Nurturing Your Inner Author w/ Dr. Angela Lauria

Angela Lauria is an author, podcaster and author incubator who has helped hundreds of authors publish books that support their business. There are so many wonderful quotes from this episode that I want to share, and here are a couple. “Everything I write is a love letter to one person”. “There’s no such thing as truth”. “Communication is impossible.” Author Angela Lauria shares her incredible story of everything from being hired by the mafia as a ghost writer to how she helps people write books in 3-days. THREE days!!! What a fun conversation, she also sold me on visiting Barcelona, which after listening to this episode, you’ll be sold too.


The Difference: 10 Steps to Writing a Book That Matters by Angela Lauria
The Author Incubator (Angela’s program for authors)
David Wise on Amazon.com
^Page Up^ Angela’s podcast for writers
Creativity Temple Exercise (audio)