Ep.46 Copywriting, The Importance of Deadlines and the Perils of Publishing w/ Michael Ellsberg

Michael Ellsberg is the author of three books, The Power of Eye Contact, The Education of Millionaires and his forthcoming book The Last Safe Investment. He is someone who has a lot to say about the publishing industry and we talk about that, including some of the pros and cons he has experienced.

One of the things I love about these podcasts is how much I grow as a writer, and this episode was no exception. I got to realize how my constant tinkering is something I really want to let go of. More on that in the episode.

I also want to say how incredible Michael is at being real. He dives head first into a lot of topics that many people would never share about publicly. Drugs, depression, income, we talk about it all.


Michael’s latest book: The Last Safe Investment
Work with Michael 1-on-1
The Education of Millionaires by Michael Ellsberg
The Power of Eye Contact by Michael Ellsberg