Ep.47 Songwriting, Success and Pouring Out Your Heart w/Luke Wade

Luke Wade is a singer, songwriter and passionate man. Luke and I met a three years ago through our mutual friend Chris Hawkes and we played some gigs together. I’ve always admired Luke’s passion for songwriting and the way he pours himself into his music. He’s one of the most expressive performers I know.

Lately, he’s been on a wild ride. He placed top 8 in season 7 of The Voice and has been touring literally non-stop for the past 10 months. We sat down on a rainy day in Los Angeles to talk about how he writes, what moves him and he shares some of his most recent songs. He also plays one of them live, and it’s an instant classic. Don’t miss it.


“The River” by Luke Wade (Including “til the Fighting Is Through”, song playing in the intro of the episode)
Luke’s website and tour dates
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Support Luke’s new EP
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